87% of marketers are using video to achieve their objectives, and we’re willing to bet you’re one of them.

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We’re inviting companies, brands, influencers, marketing directors, strategists, and more - to join us for 30 minutes on the phone, or in person - to talk to us about your challenges, goals, and expectations with video. From there, we’ll tell you all about what IndieWhip does, who we do it for, and some of our results.

After the call, you’ll receive your own personalized version of IndieWhip’s: How to Conquer Video in 2019 - a custom recommendation from us to you in terms of all things video. We’ll include a digital media audit, as well as specific recommendations on how to use video to hit your goals.



Understanding how to create more effective content should be everyone’s goal. Luckily, IndieWhip is here to help. We’ve created an amazing guide that helps you and your team focus around the opportunity of video. Whether you currently create content, or are exploring investing in a new marketing push, video is the only medium that can exist seamlessly in so many spots for dozens of purposes.

In our guide, we’ll explain the major types of video and the benefits. We’ll also evaluate your current video strategy and perform a helpful audit that will assist in bringing clarity to the potential opportunities in front of you. Further, we’ll explain a healthy and effective content creation process. Lastly, we’ll include tips and tricks on how to ensure you’re making the right video effectively - potentially saving you time, money, and overall success.


Don’t take our word for IT


We’ve worked with some of the worlds most recognizable brands, VC backed Start-Ups, small businesses, big businesses, and everything else in between.

Since 2013, we’ve created over thousands of pieces of substantial content for use in TV, Streaming Services, Social Media, Internal Use, and Web.

We utilize an fully collaborative process for content ideation, pre-production, budgeting, production, and post production.

With over 1 BILLION minutes watched to date, and an average watch through of 92%, IndieWhip is your trusted partner in creating effective video, efficiently.

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