Hushaby Concept



The launch of Hushaby's brand will focus on a campaign that speaks to consumers through a voice that has a lot of personality. Hushaby will be the brand associated with helping parents realize the importance of choosing the right crib mattress and how the industry now has run stagnant. On this specific project we will be aiming for One, ~1:30-2:00 minute spot with the possibility of 30/15 second cutdowns for other distribution channels (social, tvc, ad pre-roll).



Parents, with a bias towards Mothers who have kids, just had a baby, or are expecting a newborn, who value the importance of knowing how their products are made, what is in them, and how they will affect their child (and them), but with a premium brand experience that offers a convenient shopping solution.





The video will be shot in a way similar to other cheeky, viral videos that have captured audiences. We will use a more “commercial” approach with minimal but motivated camera movements, always maintaining focus on the action to keep the audience engaged.

More “commercial” lighting and production design will give this spot a bright “TV” look while the production design helps tie into the brand and allow focus to stay on what’s important. An all white nursery room with a couple of new and creative “additions”. Having a few props and decorations in Hushaby Blue to keep the branding strong.

Wardrobe for the adults will also be all white with blue accents. Wardrobe for the Hushaby Assistant can be a little more tongue-in-cheek with a hot looking muscle man in a Hushaby Blue jumpsuit. The baby will be in pajamas that are White and Hushaby Salmon/Pink.

With the addition of some motion graphics, we can call out certain features and benefits of the mattress to add any needed context to the script and visuals. When the camera zooms in on the mattress to show how the fibers are vertical rather than horizontal, we can do 2D flat design animation, or go the extra mile to give the video that Big Brand production value and have the fibers be in 3D like an X-Ray cutaway (this will require additional budget but can be worked into the longer deal). Building the bed in 3D also gives us the option in the logo reveal at the close of the video to show the mattress one more time spinning it around. Giving the audience one last chance to glance over the product and leave a lasting impression of it’s great design.

Below is the style of production design. An almost monochromatic look.


Below is a possibly style/look of how we can showcase the mattress and it's insides:



From concept to delivery, this project should take between 6 to 8 weeks to complete. We have included approximate time, in weeks or days, to accomplish each phase of the project. These are estimates and may change based on stakeholder availability and approval (i.e. if a primary stakeholder is on vacation and is unable to sign-off for an extended period of time) and other varying factors. Upon sign-off on a formal scope of work, we will be able to determine hard dates. 

Pre-Production (2 to 3 weeks)

This is where we beginning planning and preparation to ensure the success of the video all the way to final delivery.

For the Live Action aspects of this video,  that means finalizing logistics: shoot date and times, booking crew and gear, music choices & licensing, and travel. Since we are planning to do a lot of practical effects on a staged set, we will need to spend extensive time planning with specialists in this area. This will include running tests, preparing props to be ready on the day of production, and any other necessary tasks.

For the Animation aspects of this video, that means beginning initial asset development by getting assets prepared for production. Animations will include the mattress close-up, and the closing slide. It has not yet been determined if we will be using 2D or 3D for the mattress close-up.

Production (1 to 2 days)

For the Live Action aspects, this is when the actual shoot will take place, at its respective location. It is estimated that this production will take 1 to 2 days depending upon the needs of the final signed-off concept.

For the Animation aspects, this is when the animations are built out and prepared for placement into the video.

Post-Production (2 to 4 weeks)

Post-production consists of the editing process which includes drafts for feedback, implementation of all graphics, compositing of animation into video, color correction, and finally, audio mixing.



A single 1:30-2:00 minute video: Video will be prepared for web and digital delivery in the format(s) specified. TVCs and 30/15 cutdowns taken into consideration for future.



As of January 17th, 2016, this project will require a budget of $18K. Of that $10k up front to cover production hard costs and $8k at a later date [to be determined] for post-production and producing fees, as well as a first right of refusal for future Hushaby video content. Upon acceptance of the proposal, we will develop a formal scope of work to be signed by IndieWhip and Hushaby stakeholders.