Sheaffer Concept



The relaunch of Sheaffer's brand will focus on a campaign that speaks to consumers through artists and Sheaffer products. Sheaffer will be the brand associated with helping consumers realize their own potential by authentically igniting their curiosity. Sheaffer will be seen as a thought leader of good art, music, and young, modern culture. On this specific project we will be aiming for Two, ~1 minute spots with the possibility of 30/15 second cutdowns for other distribution channels (social, tvc, ad pre-roll).



Teens to young adults around the world, that are driven by art, curiosity, and the current creative culture. We will also aim to inspire those who are not yet aware of their artistic possibilities, or are just starting out.



OPEN VIDEO. B-roll lifestyle footage of a person going about their day: whether commuting, working, having fun, or gathering inspiration. Music from an indie artist that fits that specific artist plays; a lower third gives the audience the band name and track title. We get a glimpse into the life of this particular artist and what makes them tick. We want to make them as real and relatable as possible for the viewer in the short amount of time we have.

Simultaneously, the artist in the spot introduces them self through voiceover talking about how or why they became an artist. Their name and location are displayed. We watch them sketch in their respective workspace, beginning their process, with a Sheaffer writing instrument.

Their artwork starts to come to life, animating on the page, all of a sudden filling the entire screen as the artist gives a thought about their style and one piece of advice to future artists. The artwork then morphs into a Sheaffer product in the packaging, with the same artwork on the package. Other products splay out from behind. Sheaffer Logo comes in. CLOSE VIDEO.



Each video will be shot in a similar way: cinematic, beautiful, with shots in slow motion to make the artist feel larger than life, and "handheld" cameras to give the footage more energy and a sense of controlled chaos, just like their art. Using tones from the artist artwork and style to dictate the wardrobe and production design of each spot.

The beauty of having different artists, is that each spot will have different music to complement them and will end in their respective art style, using an animation style to match, making each spot unique, and helping us cover many types of illustrators, artists, cultures.

The end product tag will look similar to current commercials, giving it that big brand, retailer look.


Below is a possibly style/look of the live action portion of the videos:


Below are the five different styles of illustration to be expanded on in the videos. The possibility of an additional (maybe more urban) style from a local artist could work as well.



From concept to delivery, this project should take between 8 to 12 weeks to complete. We have included approximate time, in weeks, to accomplish each phase of the project. These are estimates and may change based on stakeholder availability and approval (i.e. if a primary stakeholder is on vacation and is unable to sign-off for an extended period of time) and other varying factors. Upon sign-off on a formal scope of work, we will be able to determine hard dates. 

Pre-Production (2 to 3 weeks)

This is where we begin planning and preparation.

For the Live Action aspects of this video,  that means finalizing logistics: shoot date and times, booking crew and gear, music choices & licensing, and travel.

For the Animation aspects of this video, that means beginning initial asset development, getting current assets prepared for production, and creation of all lower thirds.

Production (1 to 2 weeks)

For the Live Action aspects, this is when the actual shoot(s) will take place, at their respective location(s). Production can normally take anywhere from 1 to 3 days depending upon the overall scope of the project, but there is the possibility of working with various artists, so we are taking travel time into account here.

For the Animation aspects, this is when the animation is built out, and prepared for placement into the video.

Post-Production (2 to 3 weeks)

Post-production consists of the editing process which includes drafts for feedback, implementation of all graphics, compositing of animation into video, color correction, and finally, audio mixing.



Two, ~1 minute videos: each featuring a different artist. Videos will be prepared for web and digital delivery in the format(s) specified. TVCs and 30/15 cutdowns taken into consideration for future.



As of January 13th, 2016, this project will require a budget of $25k (not including client variables). Upon acceptance of the proposal, we will develop a formal scope of work to be signed by IndieWhip and Sheaffer stakeholders.